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For more than 70 years, Dennis and Jamie Roche have redefined the standards of style. Through the practice of guided meditation they each honed their craft to succeed in the beauty industry. Dennis created Roche Salon, a premier hair salon in Washington DC, which he owned and operated for 25 years, while Jamie became a top retail expert for luxury brands like Tom Ford and Chanel. Together they bring thousands of client experiences into a practical guide that helps people find their perfect style. 


In these pages are exercises to help readers identify an exact look that can be executed by a team of professionals. The simple language and meditations help empower anyone that wishes to change, enhance or create an understanding of themselves and their presentation. Practicing these meditations will aid in collecting your thoughts, feelings, and practices into a single place. These exercises bring a real sense of empowerment and peace to the reflection you see in the mirror. 


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"It will inspire you to love and accept yourself just the way the universe made you. If you’re looking for a motivational book that helps you discover your inner beauty, this is it! I highly recommend it."

— Leland Hirsch, Inventor of Gem Lites

"A refreshingly great book that is designed purely for us within the beauty world.  Encapsulated in the publication is the approach to self awareness and guide to how we can begin to be more present with ourself."

— Christopher Dove, Founder of Concr8

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Dennis Roche is a Washington DC salon owner, mentor, and international educator who has been featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Self, Glamour, and Vanity Fair. Jamie Roche is a makeup artist, retail expert, and educator for Bobby Brown, Chanel, Tom Ford, and Kevyn Aucoin. Together they bring thousands of client experiences into one life changing Beauty Guide.